Monday, 21 August 2017

journey writting

It was a warm sunny day in Australia, nothing could go wrong .We were about to leave to go to the pool, “have we got everything,” I ask. There is no reply, we shut the door, “ I think I left my towel inside”Natalie says as we were walking down the stairs. She sprints back up, “ where is your towel ” Mum asks with a surprised face. “The door wouldn't open” she replied. “We left the card inside” I scream. So the pools had to wait. A long walk though a palm tree forest would have to do. When we finally got to reception they gave us a spare card to use. Then we hit the pools. While mum gets Natalie’s towel of course. After a long swim we go to get some pizza for dinner After our long adventure through the dark forest. I woke up looked at the clock and jumped out of bed not knowing where the dat would take me.

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