Thursday, 3 August 2017

swing of change writting

Music echoed around the dusty room held up by wall papered wall.
Harry strolled over to sharpen his razor on his shiny black strop.

Suddenly the music fades out, Harry stomps over to the gramophone in the corner of his shop to see what was wrong. The customer took the gramophone and said I'll fix that for you, then walk out the door.A sweet sound drifts out of a polished golden trumpet. Harry walks out and snatches the trumpet of the dark skinned man."What was he doing in front of my shop" Harry said in his head. He placed the trumpet on the light wooden bench.

Slowly harry walked over to the black and white pitchers at the back of his salon. Then strolled back to the bench and washed the mouth pice then started to blow into the trumpet. When he took his mouth off, the trumpet went dancing round the room like a tree blowing in the wind.

jumping back he placed the trumpet back on the bench and hid behind his up right chair. A second later he tried playing it again but the same thing happend.

why is this happening?
He carred on playing the trumpet like he had fallen in love with it. A few minutes later he dropped the trumpet BANG! he turns over to his big mirror that covered the wall. Staring in silents he starts seeing himself as a black man. Moments later his favourite costumer was standing outside his shop with his gramophone. He takes it inside and turns it on. Then walks over the sharpen his razor and starts to shave his customer. But he has turned black and Harry has seemed to change his mind and dose not mind what colour people are.  

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